Leslie Kramer, Esq.

I have been studious all my life by first receiving my Bachelor of Art (cum laude) from University of the Pacific. After teaching Kindergarten through 3rd grade I decided to attend law school at A&M School of Law graduating in 2012.

I began my legal career in Oklahoma  City writing title opinions for Fortune 500 oil and gas companies. I became proficient in Oil and Gas law as well as real estate law. I am now an attorney licensed in the states of Oklahoma and Texas. 

I got into the law as a natural transition from teaching. I love learning and understanding the world and how it works and the law is the nexus. I have a broad experience of looking at problems and finding solutions. My goal is to help my clients find the right legal solutions to their business, property or bankruptcy issues.

My work life supports my true passions of spending time with my daughter. Beyond community service, I enjoy running and writing.